I feel like a complete failure.

I’m at such a low point in my life right now; I’m having trouble finding the energy to do anything but complain and feel sorry for myself. I resigned from my job at the hospital on February 17 and moved back to Louisiana¬†to live with my parents because I missed being home. I’ve sent in applications to quite a few different places, and I still have yet to find a job I want that suits me and my degree. Feelings of being incompetent¬†and worthless have really clouded my mind this past week to the point where I feel absolutely¬†hopeless.

These past few weeks aside from job hunting at working at my parents’ restaurant one day a week, I’ve only watched Netflix for hours at a time and hung out with my friends a couple of times a week. All of this free time is really starting to get to me, making me feel like my life is headed in no direction.

I’ve been questioning my major, my life decisions, and just life in general.

How do we know what we’re meant to do? What if we never end up doing it…?