Life After Graduation

This past weekend, I reached a new milestone in my life: I attended my first college event as an alumnus.

I drove about an hour and a half to New Orleans last Saturday to watch my best friend be an emcee for Date Auction — a fundraising event held every year to raise money for a cause in Vietnam. Basically a total of six different colleges each individually come up with a video and dance and present three people to show off a talent and be auctioned off. This was my fourth consecutive year attending, and I was excited to see what my school had come up with. They did a great job, and really made me proud! After the event, I met up with my friends from my school and saw so many young faces that I didn’t know. That’s when it hit me.

Back when I was at the tender ages of 18, 19, 20, and even 21, I would stare at all the college graduates who attended football games, homecoming events, and other miscellaneous events at my university and wonder what on earth it feels like to be done with school and function in society as a proper adult. Dreadful thoughts would run through my mind, and I silently prayed that the day might not ever have to come for me — that I could live with my parents forever and eat all of their food and not pay rent.

But alas, life doesn’t always work out the way we would like. My college career is done. Over. Finished. And this past weekend, I realized that I am that same old person my younger self had always dreaded becoming: I pay rent and bills, and I cook. I work 40 hours a week. I take out the trash, clean my bathroom, do my own laundry. I do everything my parents did for me up until this summer, and though I can’t say that I don’t miss it (because boy, I really do sometimes), I’m happy and proud of where I am right now in my life.

To be honest, it’s not as scary or mortifying as I thought it would be. And as dependent as I was on my parents, I’ve learned that I AM capable of doing things for myself (although occasionally I need to ask for help opening jars, still working on those arm muscles). We all have to grow up sometime!


After the event! My ULL Ragin’ Cajuns and me (I’m in the white t-shirt) 🙂